Spain – Day 18 – Barcelona

Another traveling day for me, so not too much to report. Today I made my way to Barcelona to meet up with Steve.

After finishing a last bit of packing, I headed out, but not before sitting and having my morning coffee and croissant at the little cafe where I had certainly become a regular. I said my goodbyes to the waitresses who all knew me by this point, stopped by the rental office to return the keys and print my boarding pass, then off I went.

First up, a three hour train ride from Levanto to Milan. I shared a compartment with five other Italians, all of whom were friendly, but only one of which spoke English. The older gentleman across from me struck up a conversation about Italy. He lived in Milan, and we talked at length about the cities I had visited, and he asked me what I had thought of them. He the rattled off a number of cities that I should visit on my next trip to Italy.

As we disembarked from the train, I mentioned I was heading to the Malpressa Airport. The gentleman mentioned I should skip taking a train there, and that there was a great shuttle bus right outside the train station that was much easier. He said it was right by the taxi stand he was going to, so he would walk me to the bus. How very nice it was to not have to navigate the Milan train station! He brought me right to the bus, shook my hand and wished me good travels.

The bus was great and probably saved me at least an hour. I was dropped at my terminal, checked in my bag, and left on time for Barcelona, where I ended up arriving fifteen minutes early. I figured Steve had already landed and made his way to the hotel, but I texted him anyway, and as it turned out, he had just left baggage claim. He waited, I got my luggage, and met him outside where we hopped another shuttle to the Plaça del Catalunya, just two blocks from our hotel.

We checked in to Hotel Denit, ventured out for a simple dinner, grabbed some gelato and crashed into bed since we were both worn out from traveling and Steve hadn’t adjusted to the time yet. Tomorrow we start exploring Spain!

Spain Map
Spain Map
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