Italy – Day 15 – Cinque Terre

Today we spent another relatively quiet day in Levanto. This might be getting a little redundant for any of you reading this, but mom and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a completely different traveling experience when you stay in one, non-touristy location for an extended period of time.

Mom and I are starting to recognize the locals and their dogs, and the wait staff at our favorite cafe have begun to recognize us. There is so much charm to this place. It’s a great community of people all of whom seem to spill out onto chairs and benches every evening to socialize and exchange gossip every evening.

We spent our time today poking around a few stores and each buying a pair of shoes. Italy and their shoes, I’m in love!! Later we stopped at a ticket office to get mom her train ticket back to Zurich. I can’t believe how quickly the first part of my trip has gone by?! Tomorrow mom starts her trek home, leaving me with two days on my own in Italy before I head off to Barcelona to meet up with Steve.

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