Italy – Day 13 – Cinque Terre

Time to explore the Cinque Terre! We hopped a train from Levanto and in ten minutes set foot in Vernazza. Vernazza is fairly small, but very beautiful. We wandered down thru the town to the waterfront. There was a cute little harbor and lots of people dipping into the water and then sunning themselves on the rocky shore. We found a restaurant with a water view and stopped to have some lunch.

After lunch we caught a boat and motored down to the other end of the Cinque Terre to Riomaggiore. The views from the water of all the towns built in, on, and around the rocky shore was s beautiful. A boat ride is a definite must do.

We arrived in Riomaggiore, and like every other tourist, looked up at the hill of stairs and said, “Oh god, more stairs…” After the stairs came the uphill walk thru the town. It was really hot and humid, and mom had a bit of a head cold, so this part was less fun. We found a shady cafe and sat down to take a break and cool off with some gelato. Thank goodness for gelato!

Next we wandered thru town, poking in and out of stores. We found a nice shop that specialized in Italian linen and each bought a cool airy top and a scarf. When we approached the waterfront we sat in the shade while waiting for our boat, and I navigated the melon and baseball sized rocks to the water to wade in a little and cool off. It’s funny to see all these people stretched out on these rocks on a thin towel trying to look comfortable.

The boat ride back was just as pleasant, the cool breeze was wonderful, and now we got these the towns with the light of the start of sunset. So pretty. We really liked Vernazza, so we went back there to have a drink at a harbor cafe, and then dinner at another restaurant on the plaza. After dinner we wandered back up to the train, and headed back to Levanto.

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